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Missions & Pilgrimages


Pilgrimage has been a celebrated and inspirational spiritual discipline long before Christianity; whether to the Tabernacle, Temple, Jerusalem, or Rome, believers of all creeds have found meaning, purpose, and new connections by exploring the landscape of their sacred stories, grounded in worship, education, and community.  In 2017, 43 pilgrims visited modern day Israel and worshiped in and among holy sites, such as the Holy Sepulchre, Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, and Dead Sea.  In 2019, 15 pilgrims headed to Jordan to wander the Biblical desert, wonder at Petra, and renew their baptism at Bethany by the Jordan.  In 2023, 18 pilgrims headed to South Africa with music director Garmon Ashby to tour the history of Apartheid, Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, a few safaris, Eswatini, and ending in Victoria Falls. Pilgrimage tends to be on a two year cycle, so check back and be patient for 2025!


St. Thomas regularly makes service Sacramental with our time, talent, and sweat, offering regular service to the Beacon, Lord of the Streets, parish work days, and with Habitat for Humanity work days, to name a few.  Most years, St. Thomas offers an intergenerational service retreat to allow volunteers to form last relationships with one another and in new communities, empower long-term relationships by serving as the “engine” for community service organizations, and to frame an opportunity to both serve and debrief service and spiritual growth in an intensive, 4-5 day retreat setting.  Check back for more information about our upcoming service trip.