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Aesthetics draw us closer to God and inspire awe, reverence, connection, and service.

Columbarium Chapel

The Columbarium Chapel is shrouded in light from the original stained glass work of parish artist Christine Alexander.  The windows tell God’s story in vignettes, beginning with Thomas’s physical encounter with the beatified wounds of the resurrected Jesus and moving through the holy spirit to the arms of Christ the Good Shepherd.  Book-ending vignettes for the chapel doors are coming soon.

Candle Altar

Beauty and creativity truly make the sanctuary a refuge and site for spiritual nourishment.

The David Anderson and Springer Hutchison Memorial candle altar allows prayers, petitions or celebrations, to be visually represented before God and the community in sacred space. The altar is open to all to represent their prayer through a lit candle, especially during the prayers of the people and at the reception of the Eucharist.

The Stations of the Cross

The stations of the cross invite us to walk alongside Jesus contemplatively through contemplation of 14 moments on the Via Dolorosa.  Annual Lenten liturgies invites communal interaction with the mixed media stations, produced by local artisans and friends of the parish.

Brumley Hall Exhibitions

St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church supports our local arts community by providing space for local artists to show their work, by bringing traveling exhibitions to our community, and by providing free access to this work to the public.  St Thomas values art’s ability to cultivate wonder, awe, beauty, perspective, creativity, critique, and commentary, all of which we believe to stem from the image and likeness of God. The goal of art exhibitions at St. Thomas is to make available to the community artistic experiences which will enhance its appreciation and understanding of various art forms, and to create an opportunity for our parish and larger community to engage with each other through the appreciation of the arts.  Management of art exhibitions at St. Thomas is overseen by the parish Aesthetics Committee.

For more information, contact Mike at rector@sttaec.org.