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Becoming A Member

Membership has its privileges- for the rest of the world. Church is one of the few places where members conscientiously seek to improve the lives of non-members and fellow members alike. Membership happens two ways. First and primarily, members annually pledge to support the mission and ministries of St Thomas with their time, talent, service, and gifts. Second, St Thomas maintains letters of membership. Click here to view and download our Pledge Card PDF.

If you are an Episcopalian currently attending another parish, you may request a letter of transfer from that parish by calling the church office.

If you are not an Episcopalian, classes are offered during the year to introduce you into the faith and practices of the Episcopal Church.

When a bishop comes to visit, you can be received (if you are Roman Catholic or Lutheran) or confirmed. Please call the church office for more information.

Please contact our office at 281-333-2384 or contact us online for more information.

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