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About Us


St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church welcomes all to join us as we worship, learn, and serve in Christ to glorify God.

Core Values

Following the example of Christ, we are a community that

WELCOMES all into the community of Christ,
WORSHIPS in the dynamic Episcopal tradition,
LEARNS the Christian faith, and
SERVES our neighbors and the world.

We can do more together!

Episcopal Faith

“The Episcopal Church is the American expression of the Anglican Church, a Church with a tradition of rich and thoughtful theology, spirituality and liturgy. At its best, Anglican theology is a theology that welcomes questions, that respects individual conscience, and that looks for truth in the comprehensive, rather than the particular. It is a theology that is nuanced and that thrives in the creative tension between seemingly competitive dualities. Anglican theology holds a particular appreciation of the Incarnation – God becoming a human being. This means that we believe that God comes to us where and how we are, that all of humanity has been lifted up, and therefore the dignity of every human being is to be respected. Anglican theology has a lot to contribute to conversations among Christians, between Christians and those of other faiths, and between the Church and the world.”

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