Our Sister’s Keeper Photography Exhibition

April 11, 2019, Author: St. Thomas the Apostle Church

St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church and School is excited to announce the Our Sister’s Keeper Photography Exhibition by Marie Plakos which will open May 4 with a reception from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Marie Plakos has traveled the world, literally, with the goal of honoring the women and children she has met and bringing their story to us in a compelling fashion.

Our Sister’s Keepers features 60 large-format photographs of women from India, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico and Peru that illustrate their strengths and beauty amidst the challenges of hunger, economic hardship, lack of access to adequate medical care, and mental and physical abuse. Marie invites us to feel the commonality of experience that we share with women around the globe and will introduce her traveling exhibit at our opening reception. Our Sister’s Keeper comes to St Thomas from curation at the Diocese of Los Angeles. You will not want to miss Marie’s exhibit or her introduction to beauty and solidarity amidst forces of poverty. For more information, visit