Holy Living, Holy Dying – A Lenten Series

February 22, 2019, Author: St. Thomas the Apostle Church

St. Thomas the Apostle Episcopal Church in Nassau Bay will conduct a series of Lenten Adult Forums on Sunday mornings from 9.15-10.15am beginning March 10, 2019.This series is entitles Holy Living, Holy Dying.

Lent invites us to take a sober inventory of life and to swap practices that lead either nowhere or to the grave for practices that can make living fuller for ourselves and others. Join five guests who offer practices to expand your life and living, even in contemplating your own mortality:

1. Sunday, March 10: Join head of St Thomas Episcopal School, Colin O’Neal, for cognitively based practices of mindfulness and meditation and strategies to reprogram the way your brain reacts to the world and the person you hope to be.
2. Sunday, March 17: Join Andy Lewis, Esq., and consider estate planning: the differences between wills, trusts; how to begin to set or reset priorities for your legacy and heirs; and insight into better stewardship for ourselves.
3. Sunday, March 24: Join Joannie Faas for practical suggestions about long term care, either for yourself or someone you love. Learn concrete anchors for evaluating when to consider long term care and how to evaluate acre providers.
4. Sunday, March 31: Join spiritual director Julie Merritt to discover new practices of finding God in every day relationships.
5. Sunday, April 7: Join the Rev. Mike Stone for a guide in planning your own funeral, alongside a theological reflection on sainthood, death, and dying. Leave with a detailed guide to celebrating burial.
6. Sunday, April 14: Enjoy a hot breakfast, catered by our own Holy Smokers, and informal conversations about welcoming God in new ways this year.