Days for Girls Huge Success!

January 18, 2017, Author: St. Thomas the Apostle Church

Last Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., St. Thomas hosted 65+ women and 5 young people from the 5 local Episcopal Churches for our first Sew-a-thon of 2017. The goal was to make fabric items for washable and reusable feminine hygiene kits for young girls and women around the world – and in the U. S. – who don’t have access to modern hygiene products. Until receiving their kits, the girls aren’t able to attend school for approximately 1 week of each month: they fall behind in learning and, eventually, leave school. The kits help girls remember that their bodies are their own and they are worthy of health, opportunity and dignity.

23 women from St. Thomas participated in the event: cutting fabric, stitching, ironing, attaching snaps and drawstrings and/or providing food for lunch – the “hit” of the day! Prior to Saturday’s event, a behind-the-scenes crew was instrumental in checking electrical circuits to be certain they could accommodate 50+ sewing machines and sergers and 2 irons!

At the end of the day, comments overheard included, “I didn’t know it would be so much fun!” and “The hours passed more quickly than I expected!” Others said they plan to join the group at Good Shepherd-Friendswood on Sat., Feb. 18th, for our next Sew-a-thon.

To make a reservation for this event, call Fran Lantz (713) 560-2971 or email her and tell her if you will have lunch (provided) and if you can bring a sewing machine or serger.

Every Girl. EveryWhere. Period.