St. Thomas Ministries

August 30, 2019, Author: Susan Manville

      Acolytes: dressed in white, leading the procession in worship, carrying
the cross, torches, and alms-basins, setting a reverent tone
Donna Noll donnabrightnoll@gmail.com
      Advent Alternative Gifts: coordinating and collecting social service gifts
in honor of loved ones throughout the Advent Season
Polly Steele jbs3pjs@swbell.net
      Altar Guild: setting the Lord’s Table and preparing the sanctuary to
invite all to be nourished at the Lord’s Table
Laura Stuff laurakstuff@gmail.com or Nancy Jurgens
      Audit Committee: provides an annual internal audit of parish financials
and provides accountability and streamlining of recordkeeping

David Gilfillan davidgilfillan@hotmail.com or Larry Roberts
      The Beacon Volunteer: 1 st Saturday service opportunity with Houston’s
chronically homeless through food prep and service and laundry
Ellen Cook edgc43@gmail.com or Nick Roe  a.nick.roe@gmail.com
      BLAST Dinner Group: monthly Dutch-treat dinners at local restaurants
to connect women informally in fellowship
Ellen Cook edgc43@gmail.com or Susan Manville s.manville@sbcglobal.net
      Blessings in a Bag: food and water bags to offer area homeless from
the car

Hal Snapp halandjoy@mac.com
      Bread Guild: monthly bakers prepare communion bread for services
and always open to new bakers!
Terry Frank running_terry@yahoo.com or Ellen Cook

      Brotherhood of St. Andrew: order for men and boys with weekly
Saturday meeting at 7.30am centered on study and prayer
Nick Roe a.nick.roe@gmail.com or Eddie Trlica fetrlicajr@juno.com
 Choir:      leads congregational singing and offers anthems each week.
Practices Sundays at 8.30 a.m.

Garmon Ashby garmon.ashby@gmail.com or Liz Corley

      Communities in Schools: volunteers through McWhirter Elementary
School as tutors, supply organizers, parish support drive coordinators
(backpacks, supplies, Thanksgiving, etc.)

Mike Stone rector@sttaec.org
      Confirmation: a Sacramental Rite offered during the annual bishop’s
visitation wherein confirmands claim the Christian faith through the
Baptismal Covenant

Mike Stone rector@sttaec.org
      Cub Scout Pack 1965: co-ed pack mentoring children 5-10 in duty,
honor, service, and wonder

Hal Snapp halandjoy@mac.com or Zachary Whirley
      Daughters of the King (DOK): a religious order for women devoted to
prayers for the parish, regular education meetings, and service through
funeral receptions and Sunday flower dedications

Cindy Roper ccoglin2@gmail.com or Kathy Hill
      Days for Girls: production of hand-sewn feminine hygiene kits to make
women’s education accessible every day of the year; meets 5-6 times
per year

Carolyn Judy carolyn.r.judy@gmail.com

      Educational Foundation for Ministry (EFM): 4-year curriculum
developed by Sewanee Seminary to form the laity through thoughtful
educational seminars for ministry

Carla Gerardino zendisney95@icloud.com or Herb Meyer meyerwv@aol.com
      Episcopal Church Women (ECW): quarterly meeting of women at St.
Thomas for fellowship, education and service; distributes profits from
Nearly New for parish support, St. Thomas School and multiple local

Kathy Hill kathleenbhill@gmail.com
      Facilities Upkeep: volunteers who serve to meet facility needs on and
after scheduled clean up days through painting, landscaping, etc.
Hal Snapp halandjoy@mac.com Herb Meyer meyerwv@aol.com
      Fall Family Fun Fest: St Thomas’s most visible single event, offering a
race, band, games, BBQ, and much more to the community and any
funds raised support local ministries
Renee Dunlap Bielski zookeeper8@gmail.com or Louis Delgado

      Foyers Dinner Groups: groups of 8 parishioners meet quarterly in
homes for dinner and fellowship
Barbara Hunter bjhunter10@comcast.net
      Godly Play: In the Montessori tradition, Godly Play introduces children
to the great stories of our religion, and allows them to creatively
explore their understanding of the people, places and situations they
encounter through reflection. It is offered weekly during the 10:30 a.m.

Amy Tones atones@comcast.net
      Greeters: the first face of the church, greeters welcome guests and
parishioners and offer information and connections

Mary Ruth Greenwell mrgreenwell@sbcglobal.net or Kathy Hill
      Habitat for Humanity Build: annual build date in the Clear Lake Area for
all 16 years of age and older

Lauren Hill lauren-hill@comcast.net
      Helping Hands: assist in short-term hospitality through meals, rides to
church, and rides to medical appointments
Carolyn Judy carolyn.r.judy@gmail.com
      Holy Smokers: offers parish breakfasts on festal days, annual meat
sales, and BBQ at the Fall Fest

Bob Ketcham bob@ketchams.com or Robert Puckett
      Interfaith Caring Ministries (ICM) Volunteer: monthly courier of parish-
collected food to the ICM pantry in League City
David Stuff therightstuff51@hotmail.com
      Instrumentalist: offers choral support or solos to support beauty in

Garmon Ashby garmon.ashby@gmail.com or Liz Corley

      Knit Wit: knit or crochet garments of blessing, includes shawls,
scarves, and washcloths to be blessed and given to the sick, seafaring,
and homeless

Nadine Bartsch nadinebar4@gmail.com

     Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM): serves the chalice during the
communion at weekly services

Vicki Buxton  vbuxton@gmail.com or Ken Jurgens kcjurgens2009@gmail.com

      Lay Eucharistic Visitor (LEV): offers regular communion to homebound
parishioners on Sunday mornings
Ken Jurgens kcjurgens2009@gmail.com
      Lector/Intercessor: reads the Lessons/leads the Prayers of the People
at weekly worship services
David Whitlock longhorndave@utexas.edu

      Morning Prayer Leader: leads Wednesday Morning Prayer at 8.30 a.m.

Mary Ruth Greenwell mrgreenwell@sbcglobal.net
      Nearly New Thrift Shop: all-volunteer ECW-sponsored thrift shop open
Tu-Sat serving clients and the community with dignity, clothing, and
housewares. Outreach mission providing clothing and housewares for
St. Vincent’ House (Galveston), Mercy Tree (local homeless) and
Family Promise.

Vicki Buxton vpbuxton@gmail.com or Joyce Wulfers
      Newcomer’s Ministry: assists with invitations to, meal prep for, and
follow up with newcomers and newcomer luncheons
Ellen Cook edgc43@gmail.com or Cindy Roper ccoglin2@gmail.com
      Older, Wiser, Loving Saints (OWLS): gather for regular field trips to
sights and sounds all over Texas; for 55+
Karen Brumley adventuress2@sbcglobal.net and Ginny Patrick rneelpat@aol.com
      Parish Work Day Participation: twice-annual parish work days that
often include landscaping, spruce-ups, organizing, etc.
Hal Snapp halandjoy@mac.com or Herb Meyer meyerwv@aol.com
      Scouts BSA Troop 1965 (girls) and 1966 (boys): Scout-led programs
opened to ages 11-18 aimed at honor, duty to God and country,
service, and wonder

Hal Snapp halandjoy@mac.com or Dawn George

      Sizzling Sisters: assist parish meals with food prep and service

Ellen Cook edgc43@gmail.com
      St Thomas the Apostle Episcopal School Volunteer: upholding the
preK3-5 th grade dayschool through fundraising, organizational
leadership, PTA, classroom aid, special events, etc.

Colin O’Neal coneal@stesnb.org or Vicki Buxton
      Usher: welcome worshippers into the sanctuary, count attendance,
collect offerings, and guide worshippers to communion

Joe Baker jdb007007@aol.com
      Verger: guide and assist each worship service as a liturgical leader
Ken Jurgens kcjurgens2009@gmail.com or Eddie Trlica
      Vestry: the Episcopal version of a “board of directors,” steering and
monitoring finances, policies, and ministries
Sr. Warden Jim Steele jbs3pjs@swbell.net or Jr. Warden Hal Snapp