St. Vincent’s House (Galveston) – Special Request

January 9, 2019, Author: St. Thomas the Apostle Church

The Nearly New Shop has been contacted by St. Vincent’s House (STV) to help a recently reunited family get ‘back on their feet.”  STV is working very closely with this family through counseling and support.   There are 3 children:   ages 11(girl), 8(boy) and 1 year(boy).  The family needs just about everthing:
•    Dining table/chairs 
•    Sofa, loveseat, futon
•    Chairs – any type including bean bag
•    Mattresses/box springs/frames – any size any type including air mattresses
•    Lamps (Nearly New can provide 1-2)
•    Bedside tables
•    Housewares (Nearly New can provide some, but not all)  — cooking pots and pans, dishes, glasses, flatware, etc.
•    Bed linens – sheets, pillow cases, blankets, etc.
•    Children’s Clothing – Nearly New will provide from inventory; additional welcomed
•    Curtains
•    Shower Curtain
•    Towels – bath, hand and face clothes 
•    Transportation to take large items to St. Vincent’s House
•    Girl – all types size 11-12
•    Boy – all types size 8-10
•    Baby – all types size 12-24 months
If you can help with these items, please bring them to the Nearly New as quickly as possible .  For furniture, beds or other large items, please contact Vicki Buxton (281-954-6317 vpbuxton@gmail.com)or Joyce Wulfers 281-326-2559 jwulfers@comcast.net.